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Mobile Satellite Services (MSS)

Nera BGAN Terminal

With the emergence of the Inmarsat BGAN IP service offering data speeds up to 492 kbps, new options now exist  for remote broadband connectivity.  Great Arbor assists agencies in customizing the service parameters and designing the backhaul network to support high quality voice and data applications in secure and non-secure environments. 

Fixed Satellite Services


From video transmission to high speed data communication, to multi-channel Voice over IP over satellite, we design satellite networks to meet demanding fixed or maritime requirements. We support agencies in preparation of RFPs and evaluation of RFP Responses. Additional services include:

LAN, WAN & Multimedia

Agencies and companies with custom networking and multimedia requirements will benefit from our open source linux based development on COTS hardware.

Voice over IP Networks

Industry standard SIP-based solutions for Voice over IP. Customization of open source solutions to meet special requirements