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                                  802.11n Router

GAC-100  Dual WAN Link  Bonding Router  for Media and IPSec Data

Industry's First BGAN Bonding Solution

The  GAC-100 is a unique multiplexing solution  for  increasing bandwidth available from remote sites by bonding WAN links. All kinds of terrestrial (DSL, Cable, T-1, etc.), wireless (3G and 4G) and satellite broadband links are supported.  It can be used for interactive video conferencing, video streaming, and UDP based file transfer applications. The  router  enables bonding of dual WAN links for video transmission over  clear links and site-to-site IPSec VPN tunnels. The router now supports TCP connection load balancing for access to the Internet.

The GAC-100 simultaneously sends and receives data over all the links thus sustaining high bit rate, high quality transmission.  A typical scenario is the bonding of two  INMARSAT BGAN Mobile Satellite links to enable  high quality video conferencing, video streaming, and UDP based file-transfer applications at 500-800 kbps.  The GAC-100 is unique in that it can split the packets for a
single   video streaming session (in the clear or inside a  VPN tunnel) over multiple links without adding any additional overhead. 

The GAC-100 is built on the Open Source Linux operating system and leverages the work of thousands of developers and end-users.  The Linux base allows for a stable system with a rich suite of well-tested features at an affordable price point. The unit has been designed to operate with minimal configuration parameters for ease of use by untrained personnel. A user friendly web interface (accessible over LAN or WAN) is provided for configuration and status.


For most BGAN bonding applications,  one mobile BGAN bonding unit is operated at the remote site and another identical BGAN bonding  unit is installed at the head-end.  The mobile BGAN bonding unit can be operated in load-balancing mode (dual Ethernet-WAN  connections)  or in normal mode (single Ethernet-WAN connection).  This is useful for cases where two BGAN terminals may or may not be available at a site. 


Other Features

The GAC-100 has been tested with both HNS and Thrane BGAN terminals. Compatibility with other BGAN terminals can be ensured at the request of the customer.  The router works transparently with both types of BGAN data connections (Background and Streaming).  The status of the BGAN terminal and  BGAN data connection is viewable through the web interface of the router. Additionally, the router can do asymmetric load-balancing if the BGAN  data connections are configured for different bit rates.


LAN/WAN Interfaces:           3 LAN and 2 WAN 10/100/1000 Base-T ports, 4 USB ports (via hub) for 3G modems
Wireless LAN:                         802.11 b/g/n with support for WEP and WPA-1/2

:                           Via web interface from LAN or WAN
Power:                                     110/220 Volts 50/60 Hz
Physical:                                  8”(L)x5.5”(W)x1.2”(H), 125 gms

Warranty:                                 1 year hardware and software

 Email  sales@greatarbor.com or call (301)-547-3483 for pricing and other information